Earle (Year 3-8)

In Earle House, we know that the early years of a boy’s life will have a lasting impact, so we provide the care and resources for our boys to flourish. This is achieved by a structured approach to academic life, through setting clear boundaries and expectations, along with close guidance from our resident teachers.  

We understand the value of leisure time, and so have developed a full and varied programme for the boys.  There is always an activity to keep you busy in Earle House: from swimming and football, cookery and craft, to music practice and the odd game of hide-and-seek.   

The imaginations of the boys in Earle House provide more fun than any computer ever could and the friendships created will last a lifetime. It is the strong sense of family in this junior boarding house that makes the boarders feel so welcome and at home.    

Boarding Options in Earle House

Full Boarding

Weekly Boarding


Mr Coupland, Housemaster

Mr Coupland studied for a Psychology & Linguistics MA at St Andrews University training as an EAL teacher and then undertaking an M.Ed in TESOL from Exeter University. He joined New Hall School as Housemaster in Earle Housemaster in September 2016. From the first time he worked in a boarding house 7 years previously, Mr Coupland realised this was an exciting and engaging area of school life, and threw himself into developing his involvement in the pastoral and personal development of the boys in his care.


Mr Coupland enjoys taking part in the many activities that the boys get to experience- from swimming & football to cookery and art. He lives in Earle House with his cat, Cleo, and enjoys taking walks around the beautiful campus as well as riding his motorbike somewhat further afield. 

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