• At Key Stage 3, students follow an accelerated course which covers the basic principles in Biology. Topics include reproduction, respiration, photosynthesis, health and digestion.
  • At Key Stage 4, students study Biology as part of the AQA Science Double Award (IGCSE) or the Triple Science (IGCSE).
  • At Key Stage 5, students follow the AQA specification. This specification aims to build on GCSE knowledge and is an excellent foundation for university studies.

Co-Curricular Activities

Each year, students in Year 13 participate in the Biology Olympiad and students in Year 9 participate in the Biology Challenge. These are national competitions designed to test students’ knowledge of Biology.

Students in Years 12 and 13 are encouraged to attend the Medical Society, a group that meets weekly to discuss current medical issues and aims to prepare students for university.

Educational Visits

Year 7 students participate in a trip to Colchester Zoo to support their study of adaptations and classification. Year 12 students attend a residential field trip to support their ecology work. In 2013, Sixth Form students took part in Operation Wallacea, which involved a visit to South Africa during the summer holidays. Another Operation Wallacea trip is being organised to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador in 2017.

Departmental Achievements

In 2015, 94% of GCSE Biology students achieved A*-B grades and 57% achieved A*-B grades at A level.

Tahir Khan (Deputy Head Boy) gained three A* and one A grade and secured his place to read Medicine at the University of Cambridge.

Head of Department

Mrs L Willson BSc(Roehampton) GTP(Essex)