All day fees are inclusive of lunch, mid morning snack (Preparatory only) and tea. Boarders' fees include all relevant meals. After School care in the Preparatory School is provided free of charge.  Please be advised that all students, from Pre-Reception onwards are required to wear the school uniform.

Providing payment is received in the school bank account, or in the school Finance Department, on or before the due date, a prompt payment discount of £100 will be given. There is no prompt payment discount for Reception or Pre-Reception, since this is already deducted in the standard fee.

Pre-Reception 2017/18
  Standard Termly Fee Termly Fee including Free Early Years entitlement discount*
Full time £3,144.00 £2,334.00
9 sessions £2,830.00 £2,020.00
8 sessions £2,515.00 £1,705.00
7 sessions £2,201.00 £1,391.00
6 sessions £1,886.00 £1,076.00

* Shows the cost for 3 and 4 year olds who are eligible for, and claim, the government Free Early Years’ Entitlement, currently 15 hours per week of free education. These fees include lunch, mid morning snack and tea. New Hall School will be able to continue to offer up to 15 hours per week of Government-funded fees.  This will be available for September 2017 for all three and four year-olds.  Participation in the scheme is discretionary, but New Hall School Trust has agreed to participate, subject to annual review.

Preparatory Day Students 2017/18
  Standard Termly Fee
Reception £3,144**
Year 1 - 2 £3,248
Year 3 – 4 £4,055
Year 5-6 £4,746

** Pupils in Reception may claim for up to 15 hours government Free Early Years’ Entitlement (FEYE), if they are age 4 on the date set by Essex CC at the start of the relevant term (1 September for Michaelmas Term, 1 January for Lent Term, 1 April for Trinity Term).

Preparatory Boarding Students (Fees start from Year 3) 2017/18
  Standard Termly Fee
Full Boarders
Year 3-6
Weekly Boarders
Year 3-6

Supplementary charges for flexi-boarding:

One night per week: £706 per term
Two nights per week: £1,412 per term
Three nights per week: £1,701 per term

Senior School Day Students 2017/18
  Standard Termly Fee
Years 7-8 £6,052
Years 9-13 £6,480
Senior School Boarding Students (Weekly & Full) 2017/18
  Standard Termly Fee
Years 7-8
Full boarders
Years 7-8
Weekly boarders
Years 9-11 Full boarders £9,732
Years 9-11 Weekly boarders £9,271
Years 12-13 Full boarders £9,949
Years 12-13 Weekly boarders £9,271
Boarding Students (Flexi) 2017/18

Supplementary charges for Flexi Boarding

Years 7-8 only

One night per week £706 per term
Two nights per week £1,412 per term
Three nights per week £1,805 per term
Supplementary charges for Flexi Boarding  Year 9 only 
Two nights per week  £1,412 per term 
Three nights per week  £1,805 per term 
Supplementary charges for Flexi Boarding  Year 10 only 
Three nights per week  £1,805 per term 
* Year 9 students can flexi board for 2-3 nights only, Year 10 students can flexi board for 3 nights only. Flexi-boarding is not available beyond Year 10.

Examinations and EAL
The examination boards charge an entry fee for all public examinations. These charges will be added to fee accounts when students are entered for these examinations. For international students, there is an additional charge of £670, plus examination fees, per annum; should they require to study English as an Additional Language. 

Direct Debit

In association with School Fee Plan, we are pleased to be able to offer parents the option of spreading the cost of school fees and any extras by monthly Direct Debit. You can apply online here to pay your school fees by monthly installments*. Once approved, we will notify School Fee Plan of your termly fees, including any extras. Should you have any scholarships or bursaries, these will also be reflected.

Unless you have completed an application with School Fee Plan to pay by monthly Direct Debit, all fees are due for payment in full on or before the first day of each term. Please contact Mr D Ormrod in the Finance Department via schoolfees@newhallschool.co.uk for further details.

*Credit is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.

Optional Extras

  • For information on individual music lessons please contact the Music School. Information on Music Teachers and fees is also available from the Music School.
  • For information on Dance and Ballet lessons please contact the Head of Dance.
  • For information on Gymnastics and Tennis coaching please contact the Director of Sport.

Details of additional charges for any one to one lessons within the core curriculum are available on request.

Details of additional charges for additional lessons leading to qualifications beyond those studied within the core curriculum are also available on request.

These fees are a guide only, for full details and terms please see our Additional Information booklet, available from our Downloads & Forms page or contact the Finance Department.

All fees are subject to review. For more information please contact the Finance Department.