Boarding School Life

By Rachel, a Year 8 full boarder

When I first started boarding I thought, 'am I really sure I am going to be able to start boarding', because I didn’t know what to expect.  But I told my mum I wouldn’t miss her because at school I wouldn’t have to do the dishes or clean-up for myself because we were in school.  But that wasn’t the case!

One thing I learnt here was that boarding school isn’t just a place where you sleep for the night.  It’s a place where you learn first and then you have fun!!! We go on awesome trips.  On our first weekend trip we went bowling and then went to Nandos, on another - the Harry Potter studios.

We have to do study, our housemistress is really good at maths - her name is Mrs MacKay and she’s really nice.  But we have other funny caring people in our boarding house. Like Miss Revil, Miss Walsh and our favourite, Mr Searle! Our man of the house, he’s so funny.

If you are thinking about boarding you will always be welcome to start!  My experience here is fantastic. 

But boarding is not a place where you get away with things, you still have the same rules you would at home.  It is a good experience being a boarder because if you go to university in 7 years and you have to board, how are you going to find it?  That’s why I am boarding to have an experience of a lifetime - that’s what I love the most about boarding!

At the end of the day, other students ask me “where are you going?” and I say to them, “I am going to the boarding house.” Then they ask me if I am a full boarder? I say yes! 

I am proud of being a boarder, I have my own room and I can decorate it how I like and have a nice time doing it.  Boarding is a good experience that I will remember for a long time.